Decision-making expertise

Our expertise in innovative SAP business intelligence solutions empowers change agents toto act on the levers of their growth.

Bilink's objective is to provide its clients with a clear vision of the decision-making challenges within their organisation. The exploitation of data requires an adapted governance and roadmap. Coupled with Bilink's expertise, this vision enables the design of innovative and hybrid data models at the service of business users.

Why choose Bilink?



For our unique positioning in the business intelligence market: the rigour of the big guys with the added flexibility.

Market players choose to trust one of the Big Five for its experience, rigour and methodology. The disadvantages of this choice are high entry fees and a contractual management that is often lacking in flexibility

Without compromising on the criteria of reliability that you demand when integrating your innovative innovative SAP® business intelligence solutionsbusiness intelligence solutions, we also offer you the availability andlistening that you expect from a committed partner throughout your digital transformation.


For our business added value: From business needs to technical implementation. 

Our consultants are first and foremost very good technicians who know how to carry out the most advanced developments. At Bilink, we believe that this should be their first quality. But not only that.

We also believe that they should be able to understand business issues and be able to share their solutions with end users. This has two major advantages: reducing project cycles and limiting the number of people involved. This dual competence avoids misunderstandings, improves the quality of our deliverables, and reduces their cost.




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Our values

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

The demands of our service profession remind us of this on a daily basis.

Thanks to our flexibility, our availability and our ability to listen, we are the strategic partner for your decision-making projects.


Through our performance, the quality of our services and the experience of our consultants, we demonstrate our quest for excellence on a daily basis. Bilink delivers a level of service and advice in line with the standards of large groups.


At Bilink, we are convinced that our commitment, whether at the client's site or outside the professional framework, is an essential factor for the success of projects and personal fulfillment.
We promote this commitment through a passion for new technologies and by guaranteeing a work environment that favors the total involvement of consultants in their current projects.


We consider it important to establish a relationship of trust with all the people we work with. Integrity also means providing objective advice and striving for honesty in our day-to-day business relationships.