Employee testimonials

Philippe Dobrowlanski
Senior Consulting Engineer
Philippe has been a BI consultant since 2007. After obtaining a Master's degree in computer science, he worked for 3 years in France, then 5 years in Australia. Philippe has been involved in many BI projects. He has implemented solutions for different departments and has a deep knowledge of SAP BI tools. He has implemented ETL processes, data warehouses and reporting solutions with these tools.

What are the advantages of working in a human-sized company?
The company is very accessible to exchange ideas.
We are asked for our opinions on things that may affect us directly or indirectly.
There is a good atmosphere in the company and the management has a lot of confidence in the employees.

What do you think of the company's growth?
I joined Bilink at an early stage. I have seen the company grow and everyone's efforts benefit everyone.
The company is open to partnerships with various companies. This brings a dynamic and synergy to the company on the subjects on which we work.
Bilink is a small company that is growing.
Because of Bilink's orientation towards new technologies, everyone's objective is to acquire new skills and obtain certifications.

What motivated you to join Bilink?
During the recruitment process, I was immediately motivated by the project that was presented to me. I saw joining Bilink as a challenge and it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone with an established company. I am happy with my choice and I appreciate being consulted in the company's development project.

Guillaume Régnier
Senior Consultant Engineer
Guillaume is an experienced consultant. He has a Master's degree in computer science and has been working on SAP business intelligence projects since 2013. He implements BI solutions for our clients from specification to production on a wide range of functional components.

What do you appreciate about Bilink?
I appreciate the Manager's availability, the fact that I can talk to him without there being any distance (hierarchy).
I was delighted to be able to take part in the end-of-year event, knowing that I was not yet part of the company. The company has a "leave no one behind" approach.
I like the horizontal management. I think that bringing everyone together to share their experience is a good thing, that we meet regularly to exchange and share with each other.
What I also appreciate is being able to talk to everyone without creating a distance from the hierarchy.

What do you think of your salary level and package?
I find that my remuneration is completely in line with my level of seniority.
Bilink offered a very interesting employee savings scheme from the outset compared to what I have experienced in other companies. They don't hesitate to reward employees with culture vouchers as the holidays approach. In addition, the offers are evolving and multiplying rapidly with the arrival of a profit-sharing bonus and CE benefits that did not exist until barely a year ago.

Joseph Trinh
Senior Consultant Engineer
Joseph is an experienced consultant specialising in SAP BI. Rigorous in his work, he has demonstrated an ability to listen and a strong capacity to adapt. These two qualities, combined with his technical mastery, have enabled him to design the best decision-making solutions for our clients.

What do you like about working in a human-sized company?
I like being close to the management, as opposed to large companies.
Bilink is a transparent company (salary scale, financial results, management, etc.), the opposite of what I have experienced in a large group. I like this transparency.
It's a human-sized company with a young average age that is open to all types of issues.
The organisation of events every two months allows us to meet up with colleagues when we are working on different projects. There is a good atmosphere in the company and everyone gets along well.
Very reactive when there is an administrative problem.

What can you say about skills development?
At Bilink we are encouraged to take training and certification courses.